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LAB's philosophy is based on offering our diners an original and different dining experience through a succession of bites and dishes.

We offer a tasting menu consisting of seasonal products as we believe it is the best way to express our view of the kitchen.

Our menu may be subject to change due to the temporality of the products we work with and the creativity of our chef

LAB Restaurant is an exclusive space with capacity for 12 diners. We accept group requests up to a maximum of 20 people.

We make the menu for each of our customers, that is why we consider it necessary that at the time of booking inform us of allergies and intolerances in order to meet your requests otherwise , we do not guarantee to be able to guarantee the modification of the dishes.

Bravas Crystal Potatoes, Olive Ravioli and Iberian Paper

Tomato Salad

Royal de Foie and Peas

Mushrooms cream, Egg Yolk, Dehydrated Mushrooms

Leek with Sea Urchin

“Piquillo” Pepper


Prawn Ravioli

Flounder with green sauce


Duck Neck

Quail and Mushrooms

Lemon Pie

Cauliflower and Passion Fruit

55€ menu

10% VAT included


C\Rossend Arús N12 - 08014 - Barcelona

Opening hours

Midday (friday, saturday and sunday):
13:30H - 14:00H

Night (from wednesday to sunday):
21:00H - 21:30H


For more information: 680638186

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